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In Person and Virtual School Author Visits

Suzanne enjoys presenting to children in grades K-8 about writing.  As a former teacher and an author, Suzanne is happy to create new programs and/or tailor her current programs to meet your students’ needs. She is available for  in person and virtual assemblies, classroom and library visits, and writing workshops. For more information and/or to schedule an author visit please contact her at 

If you are interested in Leader in Me Author Visits please note: Suzanne was a teacher at at Leader in Me Lighthouse School for 12 years.

(Please refer to the testimonials and fees below the program descriptions.)




Do you need to be a published writer to be considered an author? In this informative, interactive, and inspiring presentation, I will show students how authors follow the writing process and guide students to discover the author in all of us! Recommended for grades K-5.



Using the story of nine-year-old Josh’s quest for ice cream trucks, this interactive, motivating presentation will illustrate that everyone, no matter how old, has the power to use their voice to make a difference! Additionally, for schools who participate in the Leader in Me program, I will further inspire student leadership by illustrating how Josh used the 8 Habits to successfully change the law banning ice cream trucks in his city. Recommended for grades K-5.



 In this presentation, I show how authors use the 8 habits from the Leader in Me program. I use my my personal writing journey and habits as an example and have students help me with an accountability check– discussing the habits I am successful at and those that need improvement. Recommended for grades K-5.



When I ask students what step of the writing process they feel is the most important, most do not chose revising. In this presentation, I will show students why authors spend more time on revision than any other step. Additionally, I will provide an engaging, interactive look into my revision process and the specific skills authors use to bring their words to life. This presentation can be done as an assembly, classroom or library visit, or as a writing workshop. Recommended for grades K-5. 





This presentation teaches students "turtley" awesome sea turtle trivia in an engaging and interactive game show format as an assembly or a classroom/library visit. Recommended for grades K-5


During this presentation, students will learn the ups and downs of the research process focusing on the various methods authors employ before and during writing both fiction and nonfiction books. Information will include hands on research, interviews, finding sources, and more. Recommended for grades 2-5.


During this presentation, students board an imaginary submarine to investigate the threats sea turtles face and discuss what we can do to help endangered sea turtles and make a difference to them and other marine animals. Recommended for grades 2-5.

Persuasive Writing Workshop

During this workshop, I will introduce students to Josh, the main character in I Campaigned for Ice Cream and the techniques he employed to convince the township board to change the law banning ice cream trucks in his city. I will lead students through a discussion about how to persuade citing persuasive techniques used in history, and interactively walk students through the elements needed to create a persuasive writing piece. Depending on age and teacher preference, the students and I can create a collaborative persuasive writing piece or I will lead them through mini exercises to create individualized persuasive writing pieces. Recommended for grades 3-8.


"Your sessions were informative, engaging, and insightful. You were so engaging which is hard to do virtually! Our students gained some great insight into what it means to be an author as well as write a persuasive essay!
Talia Doligin, Speech and Language Pathologist, Leonard Elementary School, Troy, MI
"Your presentation connected reading and social studies standards seamlessly into the Leader in Me habits. Great message, very inspiring!"
Parkview Elementary School, Novi, MI
"Thank you for your heartfelt presentation. Your message definitely touched my first grade son's heart! He enthusiastically summarized the assembly and mentioned some of the Leader in Me habits as part of his take away. It's great to see Parkview hosting such meaningful assemblies. My son was raving about your book; he usually doesn't connect so deeply with a book.
Kari LoPiccolo
Parent, Parkview Elementary School, Novi, MI
"Our students were mesmerized by Suzanne’s 'Am I Really an Author?' assemblies. They loved learning about the writing process through the lens of an author. The way she shared her personal story was inspiring. She left everyone believing that yes, we are authors too!"
Katie Booth
Principal, Silver Springs Elementary, Northville, MI
“It’s with great enthusiasm that I endorse Suzanne Lipshaw as a guest author at any school. As her former colleague, I had the unique opportunity to work closely with Suzanne. I saw how she poured her heart and soul into her students every day. Therefore, I was not surprised to see that she extends the same amount of energy and passion into her 'Am I Really an Author?' presentation. Suzanne is a gifted author, teacher, and presenter.”
Beth Solensky
Principal, Ridgewood Elementary, Northville, MI
“Suzanne was fabulous! Students loved hearing her presentation. Her writer’s toolkit was a highlight along with the reading of her manuscript. It was clear she really knows her audience and understands young writers. Suzanne has a unique talent of entertaining and engaging students, while delivering important information about the writing process.”
Amy Devlin
Learning Consultant, Moraine Elementary, Northville, MI
“Suzanne was enthusiastic and engaging! Her virtual presentation focused on what it takes to be an author and the writing process. The ease with which she adapted her presentations to the online format was impressive. Her visual aids really enhanced the delivery of the material. I highly recommend her for your next virtual author visit!”
Jennifer Creighton
Parent Success Coach, Great Lakes Virtual Academy
“Suzanne Lipshaw’s author presentation was outstanding! The audience was involved and interested throughout the presentation. The kids related to the information about the writing process and when they were able to hear her writing at the end, the process truly came to life.”
Beth Miller
4th Grade Teacher, Silver Springs Elementary, Northville, MI


All school visits run approximately 30-50 minutes, depending on grade levels. Signed books (hardcover and softcover) are available for purchase and order forms will be provided in advance of the visit. Daytime, evening, and virtual visits are available. 

 School visit fees are as follows*: 

Half Day – 1 session – in person $400, virtual $200

Half Day – 2 sessions – in person $600, virtual $300

Full Day – 3 sessions – in person $800, virtual $400 and include a Meet the Author lunch with approximately 15 students

Full Day – 4 sessions – in person $1,000, virtual $500 and includes a Meet the Author lunch with approximately 15 students

*Note: Additional discounts available if more than one school in your district/city books a visit. 

Professional Conferences

Climb Aboard the Yellow Submarine: Engaging Struggling Readers with the Yearlong Themed Project Based Learning Approach (YTPBLA)

Suzanne will walk you through a year in the life of her reading class when her students boarded the “Yellow Submarine” to dive into a study of oceanography with a special focus on sea turtles. Using a combination of PBL, STEM, and KIDLIT, YTPBLA provides developing readers with access to curriculum and their IEP/MTSS goals in an authentic, fun, and unique manner. YTPBLA enhances student engagement; thereby allowing students to progress in their reading goals and increase their ability to delve deeply into a topic, think critically, and effectively communicate. Additionally, it provides students with opportunities to develop and showcase their leadership skills. Suzanne has presented  at the Michigan Department of Education School Improvement Conference, the Leader In Me Symposium, nErDcampMI, nErDcampOH, and at several professional development workshops in her district. For more information and/or to schedule Suzanne to speak please contact her at

Image from Suzanne Lipshaw's Yealong Themed Project Based Learning Approach from Suzanne Lipshaw
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