About ME!


Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw, but you can call me Suzanne. 😊

Us = My devoted husband Marc + my incredible sons Josh and Jeremy + my furry writing buddy…


Author of children’s books – mostly informational fiction and nonfiction.

Never want to stop learning.

Need to read—big fan of the Harry Potter series (BTW, I’m a Hufflepuff).

Educator who’s all about encouraging and engaging developing readers.


Jazzed about science—especially space, nature, and oceanography.

Also dabbles in interior design.

Cayaking* is one of my favorite pastimes (*I know it starts with a K, but there’s no K in my name).

On my yoga mat at least twice a week.

Born and raised in Michigan—still livin’ in and lovin’ the Great Lakes State.

Spend my Sunday mornings hiking no matter how crazy the Michigan weather gets.


Live on a peaceful lake.

Ice cream! Pizza! Starbuck’s hot chocolate!

Paul is my favorite Beatle; did I mention I’m a Beatles’ fanatic?

Sunshine and sunsets!

Happiness is spending time with my family.

Always willing to help a friend.

Want to be remembered as a mother, teacher, and author whose passion was growing young minds.

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